2024 Topps Chrome UFC Alex Pereira Buyback Program: Is it worth it?

topps chrome buyback ufc

Overview of the 2024 Topps Chrome UFC Main Event Buyback Program

Following Alex Pereira’s victory at UFC 300 on April 13, 2024, Topps has announced a special buyback program for their 2024 Topps Chrome UFC cards similar to the MVP buyback program they’ve been running for baseball the last two years. This exciting initiative focuses on the cards featuring Alex Pereira, the winner of the Main Event.

Key Details of the Program:

  • Eligibility: The buyback will be exclusive to 2024 Topps Chrome UFC base cards and any base parallels featuring Alex Pereira. A full list and images of these eligible cards will be made available on the Topps website.
  • Program Duration: The program kicks off immediately after the Main Event and will continue until June 30, 2024.
  • Buyback Value: Cards featuring Alex Pereira will be valued differently depending on their type and numbering. Base cards of Pereira will receive $20, non-numbered refractors $40, base parallel cards numbered greater than /100 will get $100, and those less than /100 will fetch $200 in credit.
  • Redemption: Participants will be given store credit in exchange for their cards, not cash. Canadian participants will see their credits adjusted to the local currency based on the prevailing exchange rates as of April 13, 2024. Shops can be found here.
  • Mail-In Redemption: Collectors not located near a participating hobby shop can mail their eligible cards to authorized partners for either in-store or online credit. Current participants include Midwest Cards, Steel City Collectibles, and Dave and Adam’s.
  • Participation for Shops: Hobby shops interested in participating in the buyback program can contact Topps at ToppsBuyback@fanatics.com for more details.
  • Card Condition: Cards eligible for buyback do not need to be in mint condition but must not be ripped or altered.
  • No Purchase Necessary: Collectors without eligible cards can still participate by mailing a filled-out card to Topps for a chance to receive a redeemable card, adhering to the guidelines provided.

Is the Quest for Alex Pereira Parallels a Smart Play?

While the promotion is a fun addition to the product and it’s fun to chase for Alex Pereira parallels from 2024 Topps Chrome UFC, let’s set some realistic expectations for pulling the rarer parallels. The image below lays out the expected costs (assuming a 200 card base set), and let’s just say, the price is pretty hefty.

While the base Alex Pereira cards, which come with a modest $20 buyback, are realistically attainable, the odds of snagging one of the rarer parallels are slim, making this pretty much impossible to profit off of. The likelihood of pulling an Alex parallel that pays off big against the price of these boxes is slim to none.

If you’re just want to rip a bunch of 2024 Topps Chrome UFC and you don’t really care about making a profit, this promotion is a pretty nice little bonus/rebate if you end up pulling something, even if it’s just a base Alex. But realistically, it’s highly unlikely you’ll pull anything that makes back the cost of the box through the buyback program. In fact, you honestly might be better off selling any rare parallels you pull on eBay.

As always, feel free to check out the 2024 Topps Chrome UFC odds here and the format price comparison here.


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