2024 Topps Big League Baseball: Which is the best pack to open?

Topps Big League Baseball

The 2024 Topps Big League Baseball collection offers 3 different pack formats this year, each with its own set of odds and exclusive cards. While Blaster packs have their appeal, a closer look at the data reveals that Hobby and Fat packs may offer better value for those seeking rare and autographed cards.

As always, feel free to input your own values into our cost comparison tool. The odds are also available here.

Hobby Packs: The Premier Choice for Low Numbered Autograph Collectors

For collectors aiming to secure autographed cards, Hobby packs offer the best odds at a more favorable cost. Compared to Fat packs and Blaster packs, Hobby packs are significantly more cost efficient for pulling low numbered autographed cards, with the cost advantage being approximately 2 times better than Fat packs and 5 to 10 times better than Blaster packs. This makes Hobby packs the top choice for those seeking to add low numbered autographs to their collection without breaking the bank, as an entire hobby box only costs $50, while a blaster will set you back $25.

In addition to the superior odds for low numbered autographs, Hobby packs also offer the exclusive opportunity to pull The Bigs! Superfractor Parallel. Other exclusives include the 2025 Big Leaguers Redemption (seeded at about one per box) and the Complete Set Cracked Ice Redemption. This further enhances the appeal of Hobby packs for collectors who prioritize both autographs and rarity:

Fat Packs: The Cost-Effective Choice for 1/1 Cards

For those targeting the 1/1 cards, Fat packs offer a more affordable option. The average cost to pull a 1/1 card from a Fat pack is approximately 1.5 to 2 times lower than in both Blaster and Hobby packs, making them a smart choice for collectors seeking these highly coveted cards without overspending:

Blaster Packs: The Choice for Specific Exclusives

Blaster packs are unique in offering exclusive access to certain card variations:

  1. Base Cards Common Black Foil Base Cards Common Electric Orange Parallel – Expected Cost: $6.25
  2. Base Cards Uncommon Rainbow Foil Board Electric Orange Foil Parallel – Expected Cost: $50.00
  3. Base Cards Common Black Foil Base Cards Common Electric Orange Autograph Variation – Limited to 600, Expected Cost: $325.00
  4. Base Cards Uncommon Rainbow Foil Board Electric Orange Foil Autograph Variation – Limited to 300, Expected Cost: $1275.00

While these exclusives make Blaster packs an essential choice for collectors seeking these specific cards, their overall value compared to Hobby and Fat packs is less compelling for those with a broader focus.


The 2024 Topps Big League Baseball collection offers a variety of pack formats, each with its own advantages. While Blaster packs hold exclusive orange cards, Hobby and Fat packs provide better value for collectors aiming for rare and autographed cards. Therefore, collectors should consider their specific goals and budget when choosing the right pack format, with Hobby and Fat packs often emerging as the more cost-effective options for those seeking to maximize their chances of pulling valuable cards.


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