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The 2024 Topps Chrome UFC series marks a significant return for Topps to UFC card production, the first since 2020, under a new agreement between Fanatics (Topps owner) and the TKO Group, which manages UFC and WWE. This set, while reintroducing the UFC to Topps' lineup, retains the classic features of Topps Chrome releases, such as two autographs per hobby box, a variety of Refractors, and a comprehensive range of additional inserts. The base set includes 200 cards showcasing a broad spectrum of UFC fighters, rendered on shiny metal-like stock. It features an array of parallel cards exclusive to different box types, alongside a robust selection of autograph options categorized by fighter era and type, with several hobby-exclusive autographs and inserts enhancing the collector's experience.

2024 Topps Chrome UFC Odds

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